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This is about a new community I create. It was the place to post business idea and make deals. Where people with ideas meet Investors in need of idea and negotiate.


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(Seriously, feel free to post something here. I haven't because I haven't been on the road since last March.)

correlation between our personal happiness and business success (crossposted)

Hi all

I am conducting a research project for university studying the correlation between ones personal growth (ie- their pursuit for happiness) and growth in their business. And how adverse situations in your life can affect such pursuits.

I am looking for a broad range of people to answer a quick questionnaire, everyone from university/college students, business managers and leaders, entrepreneurs, aspiring entrepreneurs, small business owners and basically anyone interested in business.

The questions are under the cut, and I would be ever so grateful if you could take 5 or so minutes of your time to do the questionnaire so that we can gain some insight on the correlation between personal happiness and business aspirations. Really….it’s interesting stuff.

Once the research is done I’m happy to send it around to anyone who is interested in the findings.

Please e-mail your answers back to my e-mail address at (obviously some of these questions are better left private and not for the entire LJ community to see)

Thanks heaps,

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Liquid & Gel Travel Advisory

Here's some alternatives for travelling with confiscatable toiletries:

1. As 10021 has done, stash a set of toiletries at your destination.

2. Ask the front desk of your hotel for them. Many hotels have free sample sizes of toothpaste, mouthwash, etc. for guests that forget them.

3. Ask your boss for a temporary increase in travel allowance to cover new toiletries.

4. Ask your boss for a temporary increase in travel allowance to cover new toiletries, then get them for free at the hotel's front desk. You deserve a break, after all.
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Making travel even less convenient

How many people in this comm are currently on business travel?  Hopefully not too many are stuck on UK to US routes at this time. I'm scheduled to return to the US tomorrow, and the geniuses at Corporate Travel have left me a 55 minute connection.  It was 4 hours on the way down to Mexico, but only 55 minutes on the way back, when I have to recheck luggage (if I check), clear customs and immigration, be dumped back into the normal security line, and make my next flight.  How much fun will that be tomorrow with the improved alert?

So, business travelers, what do I do - throw out all my liquidy lotiony squishy stuff, or check it?

Avis epilogue

I've finally gotten things straight with Avis. After months of being ignored by my claims officer, I got her boss's number and gave him a ring. He told me that Avis had a policy that if a renter is at fault for an accident and they total out the car, Avis & Budget (Cendant) will no longer rent to them. He then paused, and admitted that he didn't know why I was dropped, since the deer was clearly at fault in my accident. We both agreed that Cendant, Inc. and its subsidiaries should no longer rent to that deer.

So that was it. It wasn't Avis being stupid with me. It was one individual within their office being stupid with me. I guess every office has one of those people.