Booksellers without Borders (readherring) wrote in businesstravel,
Booksellers without Borders

Avis won't rent me any more cars.

This is another of those "big company continually screws up, and lets the customer take the heat for it" stories. These are the curse of the big, inefficient companies with computers age that we live in. I'll be brief in telling you my current story, because I'm sure you've heard others like it.

To start, I hit a deer in a rental car. It wasn't my fault; the deer didn't use its turn signal. The next day, I called Avis, my boss, and American Express. The car was rented on my company's dime, and all of my company's rentals are covered by American Express Insurance. It was a bad situation, but I was at least happy to have walked away from the accident unscratched, both physically and responsibility-wise. All I had to do was fill out an Avis accident report, and it was no longer my concern.

Of course, that didn't work. Avis kept coming after me for the money, despite AMEX's attempts to pay them. There were a few iterations of me calling Avis and AMEX to straighten things out. Things would go quiet, then I'd get another notice from Avis demanding 14 thousand dollars. Finally, I sent everything I had on the accident to AMEX. They weren't really expecting it from me, but they told me that they couldn't get the necessary information from Avis to allow them to pay out. I sent a big e-mail to Avis, AMEX, and my (now former) company, explaining that the car is not, and was never my responsibility. I asked for a confirmation response from Avis. They never sent it, so I called this last Monday. The Avis-ian handling my case told me that everything was straight now, and they had the money.

I figured everything was settled. But I've just received a letter from Avis telling me that I could no longer rent their cars? What the fuck? I don't really care about the Avis-ban. Their cars suck anyway. You hit one little deer with them, and they conk right out. I'm just worried that they might be doing something funky with my credit report. Now I have to wait until Monday to call the office and find out.

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