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No one likes a smart-ass

Best experience with an airline?

What are your thoughts on best airlines and lounges these days?  I'm constantly amazed by how much is being taken away (pillows, peanuts, magazines... I was on one airline that charged me for water).  It was truly a pleasure, then, when I was put on a Cathay Pacific flight.  I normally travel back to the US  on Singapore/Northwest, but all those flights were booked so they put me on Cathay/American.  Initially I was bummed because I wouldn't get my normal frequent flier miles.  Turns out, it was the best flight ever.  Even though I didn't have a single mile to my name on their airline, they bumped me and my friend up from business to first.  Excuse me, make that "First" with a capital F.  I fly business on at least a few trips every year, and definitely all the flights between US and Asia.  

What a world of different Cathay's First class is compared to business.  Actual lie-flat seats with privacy screens.  Best pajamas ever.  They tucked me in with a duvet, not one of those little rags other airlines try to foist off on you. Beautiful.   Their lounge in Hong Kong was amazing.  I wasn't hungry so can't speak about the food, but the shower facilities were excellent.  Each shower room was about the size of my living room at home, with slate floors, walk-in shower with bench, and the hugest towels I've ever seen.

Another lounge that I really loved was the Golden Lounge (Malaysia Airlines) in Kuala Lampur.  The food was really good, nice layout, all that good stuff.

Anyone else had good experiences lately?
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