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businesstravel's Journal

The Corporate nomads of the world
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This ain't yo momma's travel community.

This is a community for the hardcore business travelers.

If you have more frequent flier miles than Howard Hughes, this is your community.
If you drive more miles in rentals than your own car, this is your community.
If you read the address on the hotel phone to remember where you are, this is your community.
If the airport shuttlebus drivers know you by name, this is your community.
If your travel agent scatters rose petals at your feet, this is your community.
If you carry your office with you, this is your community.
If the hugeness of bath-sized soaps intimidates you, this is your community.
If you remember where you parked but not what you parked, this is your community.
If you've been in more hotel beds than Paris Hilton, this is your community.

This is a place to discuss travel tips, gripes, stories, and other information that would be useful for the corporate nomad. You "vacationer" people are welcome to participate, but this really isn't your scene. Also, I hope that people who work for the travel industry will participate - it's always good to get your perspectives.

New to this community? Please post a "hiya", and tell us a li'l bit about yerself. :)

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